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If you live away from home, who else should look after and care about you? Open the download to find out more. You may want to ask someone older or an adult to help you understand this?


Virtual School (Primary)

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I am Larissa and I am the Virtual School Head Teacher.   A Virtual school is something a bit different.  Just like the Head teacher in your own school, I have pupils on my school roll and I need to make sure that everyone helps them to do well.  The difference is that there is not a building for the Virtual School and my school pupils include all of the children who are Looked After by Aberdeen City Council.  This means that they could live anywhere in the country and attend a school.  My job means I get to help your teachers, social worker and other people in your life make sure you are able to enjoy school and do your best.  If you are finding school difficult, you should speak to your teachers, social worker or someone at home.  If things are not getting any better for you, they can ask me for help.  I can then meet with you to find out what you think might help or I can find out what other things might help you to manage better.  There are times when all of us need a bit of extra help.



Explorers works with children and young people aged between 5 and 12 in the outdoors over a 12 week period.  Groups are normally divided into the 5 to 8 or 9 to 12 age range and there are normally a maximum of 8 children in each group.  There is usually at least 3 staff members in each group and at least one will be a qualified Forest Leader.  Each session runs for half a day and will either be in the morning or afternoon and will be on the same day each week.

A mini bus is used to collect children and permission is obtained from your school so that you can be collected and/or dropped off during school.  The group will continue running over school holidays but then you will be collected and/or dropped off at a home address or somewhere agreed by your parent or carer.

Explorers is exciting and great fun and you will get to explore forests, climb trees and get to use tools to build shelters and dens.  You may learn how to use fires safely, sometimes cooking food on them.  You will meet other young people and will get opportunities to make new friends. All the outdoor equipment and clothing you need will be provided for you.

Being involved in an Explorers Group will let you experience a healthy life style in a natural and wild setting.  You will learn practical and personal skills that will help you get healthier, become more confident and learn to manage in groups better.  This will not only make you feel good about yourself, it can help you manage better at school.

If you are lucky enough to be selected for an Explorers Group, a group leader will come to your home and explain to you and your parents or carers, what it is all about.  They will answer any question you have.  Parents and carers get an opportunity to come along on the last day too and there is an awards ceremony once the programme has ended.

If you are selected and can't wait to know more, ask your social worker or phone Angus Hutcheon at the Williamson Family Resource Centre on (01224) 692428.

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A.C.E. stands for Aberdeen Care experienced and is an opportunity young people in care to share their views and help to make things better.

To find out more download the leaflet below.


Contact Centre

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The Contact Centre
This is in the Quarry Centre but what is it?
The Contact Centre is here to support you spending time with your family if you don’t live with them. Some families don’t need support but when they do, the Contact Centre is here to make sure that you are safe and that your time with your family is the best that it can be for you.
Sometimes families spend time together here at the centre and other times our staff will meet you and your family at other places- wherever is best for you. Sometimes, other ways of keeping in touch with your family is best, maybe phone calls or letters.
Our centre is a really friendly place and we have comfy rooms with lots of toys, games and other things for you to do with your family. The most important thing about the centre though is that the staff are always happy to see you and will always put your interests first.

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