Corporate Parenting

Corporate Parenting – Fit’s it a’ aboot?

Corporate Parenting is something that is enshrined in ‘legislation’. This kind of means it is a law and must be done. The ‘Law’ or ‘Act it is part of is called the Children and Young People (Scotland) Act 2014. Some of you may have heard of this but 2014 is the year the Act was passed or made legal. Scotland is in brackets because Scotland has its own legal system and many Acts or Laws only apply here.

Acts can be huge and confusing things to read and as such are broken down into lots of parts and sections. The part that refers to Corporate Parenting is ‘part 9’. This part refers to ‘looked after children and young people as well as care leavers’.

Corporate Parenting is about making sure all the important organisations that can help young people, do what they can to ensure their ‘Wellbeing’. Some of you have heard of the SHANNARRI indicators and each one of the letters that makes up this unusual word refers to something that is important about your development.


Corporate parenting is about making sure everyone tries their best to make sure these all turn out as good as possible. This gives everyone a better chance of having good outcomes in life.

Everyone who is a ‘Corporate Parent’ has a part to play and it is not up to any one individual or organisation. Corporate parents include all the local authority (council) organisations such as Education, Social Work and Housing. They also include Further Education agencies such as Colleges and Universities as well as Voluntary Organisations, Health, the Police, Fire Service, Employment and Careers Services, Benefits services and many more.

Corporate Parents have to let the Scottish Government know every three years what they are doing to improve the lives of ‘Looked After Children and Young People and Care Leavers’. To do this they have to listen to what you are saying and one of the ways of doing this is through ‘Champions Boards’. Many Local Authorities or ‘councils’ have their own ‘ Champion’s Boards’ and we have one in Aberdeen which young people meet with every three months.

Most of the young people that go along to the Champion’s Board are part of a group called ACE. This stands for Aberdeen’s Care Experienced. Young people meet at ACE and one of the things they do is decide what the important issues are for Looked After and Care Experienced Young people so that they can speak to all the Champions to try and make things better. There is information about ACE and how to get involved elsewhere on this website and you are all welcome to come along. If you don’t want to come along but have any ideas you want the Champion’s to discuss or consider, contact Laura Bailey, Donna Simpson or Forrest Templeton

Youth Council

Youth Council

Aberdeen City Youth Council

The Aberdeen City Youth Council is the official voice of young people in Aberdeen. It works with many bodies in the city to improve representation of young people in the Aberdeen area.

It is made up of young people, aged between 14-25 years, from different areas and interest groups in Aberdeen. Youth Councillors are committed to involving and consulting young people and believe young people should have a voice at local, citywide, national and international levels.

If interested, please contact Dragu at the following e-mail address. Chair: Dragos Barbu

Intensive Community Learning & Support

Acc 4033

Who are Intensive Community Learning & Support?

We are based at Westburn. The purpose of our team is to provide a direct alternative resource for young people around the age of 14-16 years,  that are at risk from being accommodated away from home. The aim is to maintain young people within their communities and prepare them to move on into their adult life with positive destinations.

How can they help?

We work on a basis that there will be a high level of intense support to manage and maintain young people within their own communities. Families can expect a minimum of daily contact in order to establish safe and welcoming environment in order to build consistent relationships during times of crisis.

How can I get in touch?

Direct referrals for this service are made from your Lead Professional, usually your social worker.

Girls Allowed

Girls Allowed

Girls Allowed is a gender specific, issue based group work programme which runs at Deeside Family Resource Centre.

The Programme is designed to support the girls referred with issues that impact on their;

  • Physical Safety
  • Emotional Wellbeing
  • Self-esteem
  • Education
  • Peer Relationships
  • Family Life

Girls referred should be 12-14 years old.
The Programme

The group will run for 12 weeks and girls who attend the group will be able to explore different topics which include identity, healthy/unhealthy relationships, friendships, self esteem, sexual health, drugs, alcohol, internet safety, bullying and domestic abuse, among others. We also have a therapeutic outdoor element to our programmes where the young people are taken out into the local countryside where they then have the freedom and space to explore, learn new skills, work as a team offering support to one another and nurturing relationships further develop. We also have a residential element to the programme which includes a trip up to Braemar for 2-3 nights. The residential trip further builds on the learning and positive experiences of the young people, building on their confidence, sense of independence and provides time away from day to day stresses and pressures.

Referral’s need to be received by Friday 7th April  to be considered for the next group starting April 2017.

Please send referrals to

Youth Team

Acc 4035

Who is the Youth Team?

Most of us can’t wait to move on and have lives of our own, making decisions to do what we like,  when we like. When this actually happens, it can sometimes turn out to be scarier and more difficult than we thought and some of us will need a little bit of support to manage for the first wee while.

New legislation now means young people can be eligible for after care right up to their 26th birthday. This will be provided by the ‘Youth Team’ based at Westburn Road.

How can they help?

The workers in the Youth Team may help you by doing one to one work with you on a variety of issues that affect you. They will also help you to make useful connections in your community and make sure you don’t miss out on any opportunities available to you. The Youth Team can help you with tricky things like applying for benefits, opening bank accounts employment training, further education and work placements. They will try to help you find somewhere suitable to stay, apply for housing benefit, manage a tenancy and spend your moving on grant.

The Youth Team will help make sure you receive any care you are assessed as needing and if you are involved in the court system, they will give you support and guidance.

How can I get in touch? 

If you are currently looked after, ask your social worker for direction. If you are under 26 and have left care please call the youth team for advice on 01224 504350 or pop in to Westburn Family Centre, 116 Westburn Road.

Young Women’s Service

Acc 4024

Who is the young women’s service?

The Young Women’s Service has been established to provide a gender specific facility for vulnerable girls and young women aged 12 to 18 involved in, or experiencing, a range of difficulties including sexual exploitation, substance misuse, and domestic violence and self-harm.  Young women may also be frequently missing from home or placement for periods of time without knowledge of their whereabouts.

How can they help?

The young women’s team focus on reducing incidents of risk taking behaviour, exploitation and the impact on health and development. We assist in the transition to adulthood by helping women make better lifestyle choices, building confidence, self-esteem and reaching their full potential.

How can I get in touch?

Please speak to your Social Worker, or other Support Workers if you think this service will be helpful to you. If you want to speak to someone from the team, give them a phone on 01224 659620 and someone will give you more information and advice.

Virtual School (Secondary)

I am Larissa your Virtual School Head Teacher. The Virtual  School does not exist as a building and children do not attend it, they remain the responsibility of the school at which they are enrolled. Virtual School Aberdeen is simply a tool to help co-ordinate support for you and get additional support if needed.  You have a Head teacher in your school who is responsible for all of the pupils and their education. My job is to provide an extra bit of support for those young people who are Looked After (Care Experienced), to make sure that everyone in education is getting it right for you. This means that in addition to having your Guidance teacher, Depute Head and Head teacher to speak to about concerns, you also have me. If you have any questions or queries, you should let your social worker know in the first instance. They will then contact me. I can then arrange to meet you or get in touch.

Aberdeen Foyer

There are many reasons why people may experience difficulties in their lives

The Foyer provides a number of services including supported accommodation, education, training, counselling, employment support and health improvement. 

The Foyer aims to help people build confidence and develop their skills and talents to make major changes in their lives. 

Foyer Futures - 12 years and up

Our Learning Service for secondary age pupils who are struggling to manage school or to move on when leaving. 

Through 1:1 support we give you a chance to:

  • decide what you are good at and achieve
  • plan the future you hope for
  • decide how you are going to get there
  • decide which changes you want to make in your life
  • try new experiences

Contact Foyer Futures Team – 01224 212924 

Supported Accommodation - 16 – 25 years

Supported Accommodation is provided at Trinity Court, Crown Street Aberdeen. All referrals to the service are through Aberdeen City Council’s Homelessness Service

Referral in the City - Housing Access Service, Aberdeen City Council, Customer Service Centre, Marischal College, Broad Street. Out of Hours Helpline can be contacted on 01224 620610.

 The Foyer also operates supported accommodation in Aberdeenshire

Referral to housing in Aberdeenshire contact Homelessness Service of Aberdeenshire Council. 08456 08 1203. Out of Hours Helpline can be contacted on 0845 840 0070. 

Discovering Talent – 16+

Our 12 week programme allows you to try different things to help find out what you are good at, as well as improving your ‘core skills’ such as communication and working with others. You will gain:

  • Qualifications
  • Team Building skills
  • Research and presentation skills
  • 1:1 support 

Contact – Heather Farquhar 07467 919787 

Prince’s Trust Team Programme – 16 – 25 years old

Join Team, our 12-week personal development programme, for the chance to gain new skills, take a qualification and meet new people.

When you come on board, you’ll be challenged to:

  • Take on a group community project, making a positive difference to the place where you live
  • Take part in an action packed residential trip
  • Get two weeks’ work experience in something you’re interested in
  • Develop your employability skills 

Contact – Nicky Donelan 01224 212924 

Modern Apprenticeships

The Foyer offers Modern Apprenticeship training in conjunction with Learn Direct (for individuals in employment) in Business Admin, Retail, Hospitality and Customer Service. SQA accredited personal development awards are available for individuals at Stages 1 and 2 – courses can be selected as part of a portfolio to meet individual requirements.

Contact Michelle Edgar 01224 212924

Health - ‘Impact’ Project – 16+ years

If you are an adult living with a long term mental health condition, this programme aims to improve your well-being and help you build your skills to cope with everyday life.

It's a great opportunity for you to try out different things and choose what works best for you. It might be working individually with someone to start with, being part of a group, taking part in creative sessions like arts and crafts or working on improving your lifestyle with healthy activities.  You might want to do some cooking, get busy baking bread or find a quiet space to read a book or listen to music, share your thoughts and ideas or do a little bit of all of these... or try something completely different.

Contact Kirsty MacDonald 01224 212924

Counselling and Well Being Service

Counselling provides a safe, non-judgemental environment in which you can explore any issues which are causing you concern or distress.

Counselling is most effective when you have decided yourself that you want to come along. No-one else can decide if it is the right form of support for you or if the timing is right.

If you are not sure if counselling is for you, you can attend an initial appointment to help you decide.  

Contact Julie Robertson – 01224 212924

Young People’s Mental Health Practitioner

Kate Mc Callum Photo

Kate McCallum is the young people’s mental health practitioner based at Westburn. Her role is to provide a range of supports to children/YP in the 13 to 18 age group and their families, where significant concern exists relating to their emotional wellbeing or mental health. This support can be provided through 1-1, group work or co-working a piece of work alongside SW colleagues who already have established relationships with the family.
You need to have an allocated Social Worker to get a referral to Kate but if you want to speak to her first she can be contacted on the number below:

Kate McCallum  (01224) 504350

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