Who and what is this website for?

'Who' and 'What' is this website for?

This is a website aimed primarily at all of Aberdeen’s ‘Looked After’ or ‘Care Experienced’
children and young people. This website aims to provide information to all ages
of children and young people about what services may be available to them or
what they may be referred to or asked to work with?

Different services are aimed at different age groups so the information under each age
group is tailored to suit that particular group. The language used to explain
what a service does and is about will also be age appropriate if possible.

Additional information will also be available to help children and young people keep up to
date with what is happening with ACE (Aberdeen’s Care Experienced participation
group) and the Champion’s Board. There will also be news items keeping young
people up to date with what is happening for them and links to other suitable
web sites and information.

The people who care for, look after and help teach or train our young people may also need
to know what other services are involved. For you to support, encourage or
explain to a young person what service they have been referred to or asked to
work with, you will need this information too. On the ‘Parents and Carers’ and ‘Teachers
and Trainers’ pages of this website the information may be more expansive, fuller
and may not be as straightforward to read or understand. Referral details will
also be given where appropriate or suitable.

Please feel free to explore this website and if possible explore it with a young person you
know or work with? This is an organic website that will evolve with use and the
plan is for young people to manage its content.

Young Woman's Service

Acc 4024

This is a service for girls or young women who may be considered vulnerable through situation or circumstances. If you wish to find out more about this service, please open the link below.


Youth Team

Acc 4035

Continuing Care legislation means we now have to think differently about young people when they reach 16 and beyond. The Youth Team work with this age group.


I Fit

Acc 4018

This service is also based at Craigielea. I Fit stands for Intensive Family Intervention Team. Find out more by opening the download.


  • Ifit (269.34 KB docx)

MY Space


'My Space' is a service for girls and boys who have experienced domestic abuse and are aged 8 to 10 years old. It is based at Deeside Family Resource Centre in Torry. Click the download to find out more.


Girls Allowed


Also based at Deeside, Girls Allowed is a gender specific group for 12 to 14 year olds that will help address many issues including confidence, personal safety and relationships. More information can be downloaded below.


Westburn - Intensive Community Support and Learning

Acc 4033

Westburn is a service that works with young people in the 14 to 16 age group who are experiencing distress or trauma. Westburn works with young people and their families to address and resolve issues that may otherwise lead to family breakdown, sometimes requiring a young person to be accommodated.


Virtual School

In December 2015, the Virtual School was set up in Aberdeen City to support the educational achievement of the children 'it' looks after, regardless of where they are placed. For more information please click the download button.

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External Manager (Residential)

Carol Porter is the External Manager and this is a new role in Aberdeen. Carol has responsibilities towards Aberdeen young people who are being looked after in children’s homes, residential schools and secure accommodation, whether in Aberdeen or elsewhere in the country. Click the download to find out more about what Carol does.

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