Childrens Rights Service

Posted on: 08/09/2017

Donna And Forrest

What is the Children's Rights Service?

The CRS is a service for all children and young people who are looked after or have been previously looked after by Aberdeen City. All of these children and young people are entitled to ask to see a Children's Rights Officer if they feel they are being treated unfairly, want to make a complaint, need to know more about their rights or want help and support to present their views either in a meeting or by letter. Sometimes if you feel you are not being listened to, it can help to have someone a little more independent to get your views across. If you feel anxious about being in a meeting such as a Hearing or LAC Review, you can ask a CRO to support you at it.

If you want to contact your service, ask your key worker, social worker, outreach worker or carer for support to do this. Alternatively call (01224) 523509 and ask to speak to Forrest Templeton or (01224) 523037 and ask for Donna Simpson although Donna is currently on maternity leave.

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