Welcome to the looked after children website

If you are 'Looked After' at home or away from home, you can find all sorts of information on this website. If you want to read more please click on the link?

Under the Contact heading at the bottom of this page is an e-mail address. This can be used to contact the Children’s Rights Service or the people who run the website. This can be used to give feedback on the website or to ask for information or advice.

Please remember, this is not an emergency contact and it may be a while before someone gets back to you.

If you need to speak to someone in a hurry or are finding things tough, please speak to a parent, carer, key worker, social worker, teacher or any other adult or professional you feel you can trust.

If you find this difficult and it is after normal working hours or at night, please phone the Out of Hours Social Work Service on 0800 731 5520. Alternatively call the Childline number for looked after children which is called The Line on 0800 884 444 or Childline itself on 0800 1111.

Please try and speak to someone, even if it is a friend.

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